Market & Demographic Profile

The City of Alexandria is best-known for its historic neighborhoods, but recent years have seen the community plan for new development and increased retail, commercial, and residential activity in submarkets surrounding transit. With just a quick trip around the city, signs of new construction, prosperity, and economic vitality are evident.

Approved projects are intended to meet one or more of the city’s important overall goals—expanding the commercial tax base to generate revenue to provide city programs and services, continuing the city’s commitment to provide housing for all income levels, and nurturing a strong, diverse, and growing local economy that supports local businesses.

See below for some statistics about the market and demographics in Alexandria, or read our bi-annual comprehensive Alexandria State of the Market report, which includes updates about the real estate market and economy in the City of Alexandria.  

The full interactive data report, including data on the city's commercial submarkets, can be found on the Alexandria mySidewalk Dashboard.




The complete interactive data report can be found here.

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